E&C 3-17-16 Extra Credit Media

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Maybe all of this will be discussed. Maybe not. It’s all worth checking out.

Bob Garfield’s interview with Luke O’Neill about click-bait in journalism (cleverly titled The Best Piece of Radio You’ll Hear in Your Life) – 7:00ish minutes long

Daniel is the REAL bully – Youtube video about the sociopath Daniel LaRusso and his tyranny against Johnny in Karate Kid. This fleshes out Barney Stinson’s theory from How I Met Your Mother that Billy Zabka is THE Karate Kid.


Politics in the Wasteland – Virtue in the Wasteland podcast.


I’ve never heard of this site, but I will probably make fun of this article, because they talk about freemasonry symbols in The Force Awakens. Also, the guy uses a Photoshop filter to make images look like drawings multiple times throughout this article and calls them drawings. We are definitely talking about this.



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